Pressure Points (2021)

Sheet Mask, Silicone Wrinkle Patches, Face Tracking Facial Points, Golden Ratio of Beauty Analysis Map, Skincare Advertisement

Crease Release (2021)

Silicone Wrinkle Patches, Face Proportion Map, Gua Sha Directions

Digital Desert (2018)

Predetermined Gestures: Circus Tent Emoji (2018)

The image above displays a selection of layers from a hand-drawn vector copy of Apple's Circus Tent Emoji. The result is an evocative, skeletal form. I imagine it as eventually being produced as a sculpture, comprised of a sequence of overlapping, transparent fabric screens.

After Ad Reinhardt: Untitled (1956) (2016)

If the image above appears completely black, please modify your screen's brightness in order to discern its contents. This action of digital adjustment is meant to stand in for the activity of one's rods and cones in front of the analog version of the painting.

After James Turrell: Geodesic RGB (2015)

After James Turrell: Cylindrical RGB (2015)

The Treachery of Idiots (2020)

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